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Review Top 4 dòng máy Robot hút bụi thông minh dùng cho gia đình tốt nhất năm 2019

“Clean house is cool, clean bowl is delicious” To make house cleaning, more and more simple, convenient and more economical. Consumers have come to products that do house cleaning for themselves Smart vacuum cleaner.

So that vacuum cleaner known to more and more people and perfected every day. If you are looking to buy and own smart tools to help you clean and clean your house quickly, you can refer to the machine product lines. the following vacuum cleaner.

The smart vacuum cleaner was born, very diverse in models, designs and has many functions that bring benefits to users since then. robot vacuum cleaner Really essential for every home. Although the children robot vacuum cleaner This is imported at a rather high price, it is still well received by consumers to help keep their house more airy and clean.

What is a robot vacuum cleaner?

Is a tool capable of doing chores for your family and today there are many tools to support housework for housewives, and the most effective tool is robot vacuum cleaner English name is: Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. To help you better understand this robot vacuum cleaner, let’s learn about it: Robot vacuum cleaner what?

Robot vacuum cleaner : As a high-tech device, it works fully automatically, in a pre-programmed memory and memory, and it is a great possibility to replace the mop or mops. vacuum cleaner that we have used before. This replacement brings convenience, and saves time and effort for people who are busy with work outside.

Robot vacuum cleaner They have the advantage of: they are beautifully designed, extremely compact and the design is extremely luxurious, they have the ability to work very flexibly on many surfaces with different materials. And the special feature is that they have the ability to clean all difficult places that humans have not been able to do such as: nooks and crannies, under tables, chairs, beds… so they are very popular with users.

Why you must choose a smart robot vacuum cleaner:

To help you with house cleaning. Smart vacuum cleaner robot compared to other products, you will be extremely surprised because they are extremely special as follows:

Choosing a smart robot vacuum to replace a mop is a good thing to do. The great ability that the robot vacuum cleaner has will always be a companion of the housewife who is always busy with work outside, but also has to do housework.

Robot vacuum cleaners make it easy for users to use just a program available in the machine and press a button, they automatically act as a professional maid for your family.

Product salient features:

Robot vacuum cleaners are made of the best materials, rigorously tested, so they are always safe and durable. You just need to use them correctly, they will have a long-term effect because of less replacement, and stable operation.

Today, thanks to the birth of the robot vacuum cleaner, your family’s health is better protected. Because along with the very high dust removal ability, pet hair is the best solution, you should invest in them today.

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Criteria to help you choose the best robot vacuum cleaner:

If you have ever used an automatic robot vacuum cleaner, you must have had more or less experience in product selection. If you are the first person to learn and know about robot vacuum cleaners, you need to understand the following criteria:

The robot has a very strong suction, so it sucks up all the dust and dirt on the floor, cleaning the house very effectively. And do not leave the battery low, if the battery is low, the robot will not work effectively.

But, when you have frequent vacuuming needs, then you should choose a robot with moderate suction.

In addition to the suction power, you should pay attention to the suction mouth, because when working for a long time, the suction mouth is sometimes jammed with garbage or paper, hindering the next vacuuming.

Battery and charging time: when the machine is working, the battery is very important in the working time of the robot, so you should buy a product with a durable battery index and focus on the operation time as long as possible. The products have a battery capacity of 2,500mAh, so the operating time is up to 150 minutes. You also need to pay attention to the battery charging time, the charging time is as short as possible, the charging time is from 4-5 hours.

The robot vacuum’s ability to avoid obstacles must also be good:

Called an intelligent robot, it will work very efficiently. Therefore, when designing robot vacuum cleaners, it will be equipped with an obstacle detection function and it will automatically reduce its speed to avoid obstacles. Or it will move the other direction.

This is really important, because it will ensure the safety not only of the robot but also be able to detect obstacles when the core wool is in narrow places to suck up the dirt faster.

Besides, you should also choose robots with a high climbing function with a height of 2cm that will help your house be cleaned most effectively.

Designed with a very convenient handle for users to carry easily:

Currently, there are many robot vacuum cleaners born, and used by women is common. So the robot is designed to be very convenient, it weighs about 1kg, so it has a very compact design, usually circular or triangular, so moving them does not take too much effort by hand.

The robot vacuum cleaner must be simple to operate:

The robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a lot of smart features. It seems that consumers always want them to be simple in use, so when choosing a robot with few buttons, it is always the most preferred by consumers. When you buy genuine products, the origin is clear at reputable, professional, and long-term addresses.

Also, you should choose for yourself the robot with the lowest noise, the ability to work with a large area and the function of searching, or detecting dirt in many other places, for your home to be airy. cooler because the dirt has been optimally cleaned by the robot.

Xiaomi Roborock Gen 2 S50 P08 768x320
Xiaomi smart robot vacuum cleaner 123.

Robot vacuum cleaner Smart has created a modern cleaning “revolution” in the 4.0 era. The time when people were liberated from tiring manual jobs, and took control of their lives. The time has come when the intelligent automatic vacuum cleaner robot will be an indispensable thing for modern life.

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5 best rated smart vacuum cleaners.

1.Samsung vacuum cleaner robot:

The Samsung brand is a leading brand in electronics and home appliances. In which, there are smart vacuum cleaners that are highly appreciated by consumers for their quality, now there are many new products on the market, so that Samsung owns a very large number of customers.

Samsung smart robot is designed to be very convenient and clean effectively. The robot itself avoids obstacles such as fans, feet of chairs, walls, stairs … it is also capable of durable operation even if it is dropped, somersault…

The smart robot vacuum cleaner has something more outstanding than that it has the ability to receive commands from the phone, it has a beautiful, durable design and a very long battery life, so you should choose for yourself a product when you Owned a luxurious, modern house.

2. Philips robot vacuum cleaner:

The best automatic robot vacuum cleaner lines include Philips robot vacuum products. Because they are very luxurious and very classy to make your home space more aesthetic and beautiful.

The Philips robot vacuum cleaner is currently the most sought after because it has a very thin design suitable for going to many corners of your home. The color of the product always makes an impression on the viewer and is also equipped with too many advantages such as an easy 4-wheel drive system.

Cross the threshold, can vacuum clean in the nooks and crannies of the house…

In terms of price, Philips has a very reasonable price, so it has been helping users have a smart device at the top of technology and bring the best housework efficiency.

3. Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner:

Xiaomi is a well-known brand in the market because it is a leader in high-tech products and robot vacuum products are the most obvious proof.

Are you a techie? If yes, then you will easily realize, when Xiaomi’s brand was launched, it always won the hearts of consumers for its design and also had many special capabilities, the battery was long and very good. .

Having a variety of robot vacuum cleaner models has helped consumers have many choices because they are equipped with many new features. In particular, it can also identify obstacles and automatically charge when the battery is about to run out, can schedule vacuuming …

Xiaomi Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

You will be satisfied with this smart robot vacuum cleaner and will love it even more with a very reasonable price, easy to invest and use, saving time and effort.

4. Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Robot:

Robot Xiaomi is a famous Chinese technology corporation in parallel with many other large corporations such as: Apple and . Samsung… Xiaomi’s robot vacuum cleaner product lines are extremely popular because of their outstanding design, many extremely modern and advanced features: strong battery and capacity, appointment mode. automatic timers, and sensor technology…

The Xiaomi Mi Vacuum robot is very compact and eye-catching. Xiaomi Mi Vacuum is used LDS laser technology, SLAM algorithm scans a 360-degree rotating map and can get images from a robot workspace model with up to 12 multi-directional sensors. It makes the mobile robot flexible and intelligent, it can work in complex spaces, limiting collisions with furniture.

The robot has a battery with a high capacity of 5200mAh, which helps the robot work for up to 2.5 hours, and cleans up to 250M2. Xiaomi Mi Vacuum robot has the feature of automatically charging the battery when the battery capacity is less than 20% and working again when the battery is 80% without any user intervention.

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Powerful suction up to 2000pa helps the robot work quickly and efficiently, it cleans a 40m2 room in less than 20 minutes. The machine works very quietly with comfortable noise when the machine is in operation.

The downside is that Xiaomi Mi Vacuum does not have a HEPA filter to filter out microscopic dust particles that affect human health, as well as it cannot clean the house by itself. The reference price for Xiaomi Mi Vacuum is around 6 million VND depending on the place of sale.

Where to buy:

Should I buy a robot vacuum cleaner?

The birth of the robot vacuum cleaner is a new step forward in the new invention of electronic technology, it helps people to be gentle and saves a lot of time and effort. No need to waste time and effort to clean the house. The robot is programmed to be intelligently fully automatic in vacuuming and cleaning, along with an extremely flexible control sensor and changes the suction force depending on each floor material such as: tile floor, stone floor , wooden floor, … In parallel, the filter has the function of filtering microscopic dust particles to help keep the space of your house clean and comfortable.

Benefits of using:

Since having a smart robot vacuum cleaner, you will no longer take too many steps to clean the house, because the smart robot has both functions of vacuuming and mopping.

It is also very easy to use, you just need to program the button to make an appointment and the machine will work automatically.

Capable of removing every single particle of dust, and filtering out harmful substances in the air, providing a clean and healthy space for your family.

Notes before buying:

To clean the house effectively and safely, you should also know some of the following tips:

If your house is large, then you should choose to buy a Robo machine with a high capacity, high battery capacity and a large trash box so that the robot can clean the entire space of the house in a safe way.

Before using, you should also clean up sharp and pointed objects because sometimes the robot is confused.

Has a smart sensor Robot can avoid many small items. But the effort will affect the direction along with the cleaning route, because the machine will have to process and reprogram a new cleaning route.o

When not in use, avoid placing the robot near places with high temperatures such as sunlight, electronics, etc. and humid places will cause damage to components.

Clean the machine after use, use a brush to clean the dust filter to help the robot work effectively. You should dry clean to avoid damage to the internal parts of the machine.

Through the above article, I hope you will learn and buy yourself an appropriate smart robot. It helps you clean and tidy the house, even though you are busy with work outside, when you come home, you will feel that your indoor space is clean and cool.

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