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Kinh nghiệm mua máy hút bụi chuẩn. Nơi mua chính hãng

With today’s modern living conditions, the vacuum cleaner gradually becomes one of the necessary cleaning equipment for the whole family. The cleaning of the house will no longer need to stoop, tired of knees to wipe every corner, cleaning dirt is extremely easy with a vacuum cleaner.

Experience buying a standard vacuum cleaner.  Genuine place to buy
Experience buying a standard vacuum cleaner. Genuine place to buy

But do you know how to choose a good vacuum cleaner? Especially with the current market, there are many designs and brands born. It is essential in choosing to buy a machine to pay attention to the cost factor, the purpose of use is suitable for the family. Together learn and decide to buy the best vacuum cleaner any!

What is a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner (English name: Vacuum cleaner) is a dust cleaning device widely used in daily life. Relying on the air pump the vacuum cleaner will create a vacuum environment (See more: Guide to choose to buy a good, cheap home vacuum cleaner) to suck up all kinds of dirt on the floor or other surfaces. These types of dirt will then be collected into a bag for disposal.

The current Vacuum cleaners are used in many environments with different sizes and models, from small battery-operated mini handheld vacuums or medium-sized household vacuum cleaners to industrial vacuums with Very large size and capacity capable of handling hundreds of cubic meters of dirt at the same time.

3 basic types of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are classified into 3 types to help consumers determine which machine to buy the most suitable for their family’s long-term use.

  • Vertical vacuum cleaner: This is a machine with the feature of a large suction head that can quickly suck up dirt in every corner of the house, so this is the type that is suitable for places with strong suction speed, so the size will also be quite large. when the Wide as factories, companies, hotels, cinemas, etc. The suction head of this vertical machine is also equipped with a rotating brush and a motor for the purpose of removing all dirt on carpets and ceramic tiles. But there is also a limitation use will feel cumbersome
Standing vacuum cleaner when used feels cumbersome
Standing vacuum cleaner when used feels cumbersome
  • Handheld vacuum cleaner: (small size mini vacuum cleaner) This type is specialized for sucking hidden corners in corners that can’t be cleaned by a mop. But the handheld vacuum cleaner is battery-powered, so it doesn’t last long and can’t suck up large areas. Handheld machine is cheap, so it is quite popular to use
  • Box vacuum cleaner: This is a popular form, has a compact design, easy to move, so it is very convenient to suck in areas such as stairs, corners in the house. The machine can easily adjust the speed to suit hard floors and carpets, but with thick carpets, it is still limited.​
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Therefore, there are 3 main types of vacuum cleaners that are most commonly used according to consumer needs, so you can decide which type to choose and then find out which company has a good machine to use effectively and cleanly.

Structure of the machine

Whether these are small size handheld vacuum cleaner The bulky industrial vacuum cleaners with large capacity are basically composed of the following main parts:

  • Machine engine.
  • Fan.
  • Dust filter bags.
  • Loading port.
  • Exhaust port.
  • Other ingredients…

Power and working principle

Not only are they relatively similar in structure, but also Working principle of vacuum cleaners is not much different, with the general principle of operation is quite simple. When the vacuum cleaner is turned on, it will make the electric motor rotate at high speed, when the electric motor rotates, it will also pull the propeller arranged above the moving shaft to rotate at a fast speed and create a very strong suction. .

Through the dust pipe connected directly to the machine, this suction is so strong that it is capable of sucking all the air and dirt from outside the environment into the inside, dirt is sucked from the dust pipe through the filter. input is put into a dust bag or dust container.

Machine capacity is not the most important criterion
Machine capacity is not the most important criterion

Before buy vacuum cleaner The problem that many people find out the most is how much capacity the machine is suitable for use in your family. Do not choose a machine with too small a vacuum capacity, it will suck weakly and cause inconvenience when using.

You should remember that the capacity of the machine is different from the vacuum capacity, so do not be mistaken. Specifically, the capacity of the machine is the amount of power consumed, as the machine has a large capacity but the vacuuming capacity is weak, but it still consumes a lot of electricity.

Therefore, machine capacity is not the most important criterion when you choose to buy a vacuum cleaner, but what you need to pay attention to is the indicator to see if the engine of the machine is healthy. Therefore, the high-end machine has a standard figure of 1400W and the middle type has a capacity of 1300W depending on the needs of each family to choose the best.

Noise level and weight

Weight is a very important factor for vacuum cleaners. Because cleaning will have to move a lot, you should avoid choosing a machine that is too heavy, weighing only 3 – 5 kg to be beautiful. Noise level When operating, it also affects people around, causing headaches, especially those with young children and the elderly, who need to be very careful about noise during vacuuming. Therefore, choose the machine with the lowest noise level, preferably below 70dB.

Vacuum cleaners are not just for vacuuming but should choose a versatile type with many different functions such as: Water absorption function: has the most optimal stain removal effect and is very useful for absorbing water on items or stains. Blowing function: to help blow away obstacles ahead, dry the car after washing, and empty the trash can.

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In addition, you should pay attention to choose a machine with a flexible rotating nozzle that will help you vacuum every corner of the house such as under the bed, near the cabinet or other narrow spaces that the broom cannot reach.

Other functions

Next to vacuuming function, the vacuum cleaner is also equipped with additional functionssome functions can be mentioned as:

Blow function: Will help us to blow away unpleasant obstacles ahead easily, this function is especially useful when cleaning garbage, leaves or drying car surfaces after washing.

Water absorption function: Not only does it stop at the ability to suck or blow dust, some machines also integrate the ability to absorb water and clean up stains such as juice and coffee spilled on the table or computer …

Uses of dust bags

In addition to the variety of vacuum cleaner types, when choosing to buy a vacuum cleaner, you also have to pay attention to whether or not there is a dust bag.

Vacuum cleaner with bag: This is a machine that uses a traditional dust bag, so the price will be cheaper than a machine without a dust bag. However, most models with bags cannot be reused many times, currently on the market dust bags often use paper or cloth materials, in which bags using cloth will be good in the long run. than paper bags because the fabric is antibacterial and very effective at absorbing odors.

Vacuum cleaner with dust bag
Vacuum cleaner with dust bag

In addition, vacuum cleaners with bags are equipped with a dust filter, some also have a lid, so they are able to prevent dust from escaping into the environment, affecting the health of the whole family. friend. However, using a vacuum cleaner with a bag, you also need to consider the inconvenience and expense of having to replace the dust bag regularly.

Bagless vacuum cleaner: This line of vacuum cleaners has just appeared and is popular in the market in recent years, bagless vacuum cleaners use a carrying case to replace the dust bag. Compared to the dust bag, the dust box is a bit more convenient because it does not have to be expensive to change the dust bag regularly, you just need to open the dust box and then clean and clean the dust when the dust box is full. dust.

Bagless vacuum cleaners, besides the advantages, also exist certain disadvantages, of which the most obvious disadvantage is that in the process of cleaning and cleaning the dust box, it will sometimes cause dust to pour out and cause discomfort for people with allergies.

Utilities and accessories included

Rotating nozzle: Machines with flexible rotating nozzles will help you a lot when vacuuming in hard-to-reach places such as under the bed, under the car or other narrow spaces…

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Height can be easily changed: Just like the rotating nozzle, the machines with easy to change height will help us be more flexible when moving on stairs, windows or curtains …

Some machines are equipped with long cords that will be convenient and help us a lot when using the machine to vacuum in difficult places such as under the road, curtains …

Warranty of the vacuum cleaner

Most vacuum cleaner products today have an average warranty period of about 12 months to 2 years. With a relatively good warranty period like this, you and other consumers feel more secure when using it.

Top 3 brands

Hitachi vacuum cleaner

Hitachi was established in 1910 in Japan, is a very famous technology corporation, specializing in manufacturing and distributing household electrical products and kitchen appliances.

Hitachi applies modern and advanced technological processes
Hitachi applies modern and advanced technological processes

Over 100 years of establishment, development and continuous growth, up to now its products from refrigerators, washing machines, air purifiers to grinders, drills, rice cookers or vacuum cleaners have been present in most countries in the world, including our Vietnam.

Hitachi applies modern and advanced technological processes into production to create vacuum cleaner products of the highest quality.

Hitachi vacuum cleaner Possesses a sturdy design with a high-quality plastic body that has good heat resistance, as well as easy cleaning, high durability and diverse designs to suit your needs. affordable for many consumers.

Electrolux vacuum cleaner

Has a youthful, modern, and application design Cyclonic vortex suction technology Combined with a power of 1800 W, a fast vacuum and dust compactor, helps you clean your house quickly, saving energy.

Comes with a variety of nozzles including hard floor nozzle, carpet, crevice nozzle and combined brush to help you remove dirt and garbage in every corner of the house easily. Convenient movement and storage with the design of the handle on the body, the wheels operate smoothly, do not scratch the floor.

Panasonic vacuum cleaner

Osaka-based Panasonic was founded in 1918
Osaka-based Panasonic was founded in 1918

Panasonic based in Osaka was established in 1918 and together with Hitachi became the two most famous technology corporations of Japan, in 1996 Panasonic was present in Vietnam with typical home appliances products. such as washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, hair dryers or ovens… make an important contribution to our country’s consumer industry.

Most products Panasonic vacuum cleaner present on the market in Vietnam is made in Malaysia, with good quality, competitive price, luxurious design and style, so it is chosen by many people to serve the job of cleaning dirt in the family.

Genuine place to buy

Sorted in order of priority to buy:


The article has pointed out the necessary things when choose to buy a vacuum cleaner. Besides using you should also Remember to regularly clean, clean and maintain carefully to increase the life of the machine, in case of damage, you should remember to contact the repair unit to promptly fix the asthma.


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